Recruitment policies

“Right person-right work” is the leading principle in recruitment policy of CT-IN.

The Company’s target is orienting to building CT-IN into a famous trademark approaching international scale. With enthusiastic and competent work force, the Company recruitment policies always orient to diversifying the human resource from students with excellent study results to skillful and experienced candidates with high degree, appropriate with the requirements of the work. Recruitment is considered on the opinion of transparency, open, no distinction of ethnic group, religion, sex and age.

CT-IN always makes the best conditions for the new comers to adapt with the environment and the work in the shortest time. Desiring to build a work force including skilled staffs to meet the higher and higher demand, the Company usually organizes practical training programs, seminars to discuss about the experience of the senior staffs so as to enhance the attachment among the members. The Company usually organizes internal training courses (inviting senior experts of Vietnam) and external training courses (training in foreign countries: Thailand, Korea, Japan, Singapore, etc.) so as to supplement, widen professional knowledge, improve professional skills, enrich life skills and professional working skills to develop a human resource which is capable of helping the Company reaching further targets, and discover and train a force of internal training experts for the Company.

Besides, the leaders of the units always care about and guide the staffs, especially in the stage of INTEGRATING the new comers. Impressive points in the staff’s work will be recognized as basis for considering and developing the career. At the same time, the Company will always ensure the benefits for the staffs during their work time at the Company.

CT-IN Company has recruitment policies of unceasingly improving to shorten the gap between the recruiter and the candidates, so that the candidates are self-confident to uphold their abilities during the recruitment at the Company.

We hope to bring you good opportunities to develop your career and implement your ambition at CT-IN.