Web Portal

The web portal of CT-IN Telecom & IT INC complies with standard of WSRP version 2.0 – “Web Service for Remote Portles”. WSRP v.2.0 is a standard based on plug-and-play mode, WSRP allows units which develops remote collecting information service through portal of many supply resources and bring these contents to users through easily-access portal applications

Not only the general functions providing in any portal solutions such as coordinated environment, content and document management, etc all portles comply with standardized WSRP, Portal CTIN also provides the ability of building virtual portal model by integrating with websites and other portals. It also helps building personal workspace model with basic functions such as integrated emails, personal working calendar, and personal business management. Moreover, it allows editing and submitting information in categories, not requiring any installation of programming tools to release and manage information. It supports building workflow processes for different types of document. Gradually, it can help editting information, comment directly in documents.

Product has been developed successful in VNPT Binh Duong