CT-IN Company organization annual shareholders metting 2014

CT-IN tổ chức thành công Đại hội Cổ đông thường niên năm 2014

At 8.00 a.m. on Friday April 18, 2014, headquartered in Hanoi, Joint Stock Company for Telecoms and Informatics (CT-IN) undertook the organization's annual meeting of shareholders in 2014. Were attended by 226 delegate’s shareholders, owned and representing 12,600,633 shares, 80.26% of the total shares with voting rights of the company.

End of financial year 2013, CTIN pretax profit of 60.805 billion VNĐ, equal to 121.61% of the plan; total revenue is 3.529,15 billion VNĐ, reaching 100,83% of the plan; dividend payout ratio to shareholders 15%.

Presidium consists of: Mr. Nguyen Tri Dung - Chairman of the Board / Chief Executive Officer, Mr. To Hoai Van - Vice Chairman of the Board / Deputy General Manager and Ms. Lam Nhi Ha-member board.

2013 CTIN finished well planned, fully implement their obligations to the state, to ensure the interests of the shareholders, taking care of the welfare of workers and positive activities to help community.

To get these results thanks to the tireless striving of company leaders with the right strategy, continuous innovation throughout the 12 years since it became a joint stock company, brought together human resources force young, talented, accumulated financial resources, technological knowledge of many years ago, strategic relationships, strong with multinational corporations in the field of Telecommunications and Information technology. The operators, customers, shareholders of the Company are confident in the success of the Company because the Company has built a good reputation in the field of Telecommunications and Information Technology.

At the meeting, shareholders discussed, analyzed the report by the Board of Directors, Internal Auditing Committee  presented and agreed with the report. The shareholders expressed their satisfaction on the board of directors and executive team of CTIN workers in recent years have attempted to overcome all difficulties to complete the plan.

Mr. -Vice Chairman Nguyen Van Xuan Investment and capital management business outside of VNPT Group said: 2013, VNPT Group has contributed capital and investments in 80 portfolio companies of VNPT. The enterprise is actually capable of developing and maintaining the stability of the capital owners as CTIN not much, many companies fall into the state of dissolution and the company at risk of bankruptcy. During the difficult context, CTIN remains one of the company holds a very important position in the value chain of VNPT's business.

According To Hoai Van - Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors / Deputy CEO: "2013 marked a further breakthrough in exploring new markets, new customers: as the ministries and agencies state administration, Aviation, Oil and Gas, Ministry of finance, Banking and other business. particularly, from late 2013 to the first quarter of 2014, initiated CTIN package of value-added services MCM with the company Nuance - world No. 1 company on processing technology, “ “ Speech  recognition services  at Vinaphone”.

Although traditional customers like VNPT, Vinaphone and Mobifone  investment cuts, cutting costs for services performed but CTIN still exceeded most targets manufacturing business in 2013. 2013 is the 12th year of continued success CTIN Company since the Company became a joint stock company, created the momentum for good growth for 2014, which is the 3rd year of the 5 year plan from 2012 to 2016.

With confidence in the power creative, dynamic spirit to overcome difficulties in every situation, in consultation with stakeholders, the wisdom of dynamic Board of Directors, committee executive director, believes that CTIN will continue to complete the business plan produced in 2014 with the main criteria:

- Total revenue: Minimum: 1.200 billion;

- Profit before tax: at least 55 billion

-Average income per share: a minimum of 2,732 contracts.

- Dividend payout ratio: 12% -15% VNĐ.

Shareholders' Meeting has passed a resolution and agreed to the Board of Directors for the organization and deployment. Congress wraps at 11 h 30 'dated 04.18.2014.