CT-IN VNCERT continue to implement the system safety engineering national network

Morning of November 25,2013, Joint stock Company for Telecom & ìnormatics and Vietnam Computer Emergency Response Teams (VNCERT) officially signed the contract package "Investment, buying  and building systems monitoring network failures - Phase II", This project “under the project" Building systems enginnering, national security network at VNCERT "

In this project, CT-IN is the unit deployed to provide security monitoring system network, the device supports secure information collected online, auxiliary equipment for monitoring. The deployment location systems include :  

System processing center located at the service provider and to hire professional servers located in Hanoi; Monitoring center operator based in headquarter of VNCERT –Hanoi and others located at VNCERT’s Branch offices in central & Southern.

Mr.Vu Quoc Khanh, director of VNCERT and Mr. Nguyen Tri Dung, General Director of CT-IN at contract signing ceremony

The overall objective of the project is the construction of technical systems, national security network at the basis VNCERT technical foundation for implementing secure operating a national network and prevent hackers in the system. National network automation, as part of nucleus of VNCERT in handling emergency warning information technology, research and development services ensure network safety, emergency response coordinator computer networks and internet , rapid response to network failures. Support technical content for the operation and management of state capacity to ensure national network securety.

At the contract signing ceremony package "Investment, buying  and building systems monitoring network failures - Phase II ", Mr. Quoc Vu Khanh - Director of VNCERT appreciate deployment package results in Phase I of the CT-IN in 2012 and expressed a confident attitude, placed full condidence in the ability to deploy, develop CTIN’s solutions in phase II of this package.

Phase II of the deloyment package is expected within 6 months.