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Escher Group Ltd. was founded in 1989 and is the only technology company to focus exclusively on distributed, mission-critical Point of Sale systems for the postal industries worldwide.

Escher‘s Point of Sale solution was specifically designed for a wide variety of users and multiple network infrastructure including low bandwidth communication. Escher provides a fault-tolerant, secure foundation upon which distributed applications can be built and deployed. The solutions used modern data format and communication method so it’s easy to expand in future.

CAS and TTS of Escher

Escher’s the largest implementation over 50,000 post office staff uses the Riposte system to process more than 12,000,000 transactions every day. All of the system back-up and recovery procedures are built-in and require no human intervention or technical expertise at the local Post Office.

CTIN has signed the contract with Escher Group to provide solution of Counter Automation System, Track and Trace for Vietnam market.

B/OSS of Amdocs

Amdocs is the leading company provides services and consultant solution for telecommunication in the world, especially B/OSS.

CT-IN is one of the big partners of Amdocs in Vietnam. CT-IN along with Amdocs provides successfully Interconnect billing solution for VTN.

TTS solution of Nuance

Nuance is the biggest company provides speech solutions. Nuance’s solutions have designed and delivered intuitive technologies that help people live and work more intelligently.

  • Nuance speech solutions support 56 languages and dialects.
  • 95% telecommunication groups of the world are the customers of Nuance.

CT-IN is the important partner of Nuance in Vietnam, with the engineers are trained professionally about detects and process human voices. CTIN and Nuance co-operate to develop Vietnamese Text to Speech – the first one in Vietnam.

CT-IN and Nuance provide solutions:

  • TTS (using Vietnamese) for: Contact Center, Payment by voice…
  • Voice Biometrics solution for banks.

CT-IN together with Nuance develops Vietnamese Detecting Voice.