Telecommunications infrastructure

Telecom network infrastructure service

CT-IN is the first enterprise in Vietnam to implement mobile projects. CT-IN is the leading company in Vietnam with the largest market share in installation services, specializing in integrating mobile networks infrastruture for the largerst GSM operators as Vinaphone and Mobifone.

CT-IN has 600 technical staff working in Hanoi, Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh city, of which over 200 have the certificate of expertise issued by big enterprises such as Huawei, Motorola, NEC, Huawei, Ericsson and Nokia-Siemens.

Technical Center is well-equipped with the lab system, reserved equipment and specialized measuring machines.
The quality management system is certified ISO9001: 2000
We offer packaging services ranging from providing solutions, surveying, designing, installing, testing and maintaining most of the telecommunication equipment. We are always willing to provide the following services:
• Consulting and designing the telecommunication  network infrastructure
• Implementing  the network infrastructure and  technical support
• Repairing the telecommunication equipment
• Measuring the quality of the network and services

• Optimizing Telecommunication Network
• Training and technology transferring services
• Maintenance and information rescue services
• Infrastructure rental service

1. Consulting and designing the telecommunication network infrastructure

CT-IN Company has many years of experience in the telecommunications sector, has implemented many projects in the fields of providing solutions, designing, and supplying microwave transmission and optical transmission equipment, as well as in the services of installing and maintaining the transmission networks for post offices in almost 64 provinces all around the country.
Description of Service:
• Surveying and designing microwave transmission network

• Surveying and designing optical network

• Surveying designing access network and exchange

• Surveying and designing mobile communication network
- Collecting customers’ requirements
- Surveying
- Designing the whole and the details
- Providing the overall and detailed designs to the customers

Typical projects:
- Packaging project of surveying, designing, installing and integrating the microwave transmission network into NEC for Vietnamobile network. 

- The project of surveying, designing, installing and integrating the microwave transmission network into Huawei for Vietnamobile network

- The packaging project of providing, surveying, designing, installing and integrating the Pasolink microwave transmission network for Mobifone
- The project surveying and installing 400 BTS for Vietnamobile and its partners, i.e. Huawei and Ericsson
- The project of survey, installing, and integrating 1800 NodeB stations, 8 RNC (3G network development) for Mobifone network and its partner NSN
- Surveying HTC RF, HTC MW for Huawei

- Transmission projects of  Vinaphone 2004 and  Mobifone 3660.

2. The telecommunication network infrastructure service
With many years of experience in installing telecommunication equipment systems such as BTS stations in mobile communications, optical and microwave transmission equipment, exchange equipment, access equipment, mobile network (BTS, MSC, BSC) and power supplies, etc, for the largest GSM operators in Vietnam such as Vinaphone, Mobifone, etc, we believe that we will satisfy the customers with the seperated installation service, or the "turnkey" projects for telecommunication systems.
Description of Service:

• Surveying
• Making the plan of implementation
• Making the plan of implementing and integrating the new system into the old one.
• Implementing the system
• Inspecting the system
Typical projects have been implemented recently:

VNP1732, (BTS installation and test driver for VNP)


Installing HTC MW in the Central Vietnam


The EVNT 3G project


Maintenance, adjustment




Drive Test




The 3G Project for Nokia Siemens Network NSN


GSM 59


GSM 63


VDC Wimax Trial




Vietnam Wireless and Microwave Frame Subcontract 2010-2011-Survey Service


Vietnam VMS Swap Project-Survey Service


Vietnam Wireless and Microwave Frame Subcontract-Suplly Cable Ladder


Vietnam Wireless and Microwave Frame Subcontract-Minishelter disassembly and reinstallation for outdoor sites


Vietnam Wireless and Microwave Frame  Subcontract 2010-2011 (Hardware Installation)


EVNT3G Phase2 Transmission Project ( OSN)


Vietnam Wireless and Microwave Frame  Subcontract 2010-2011 ( Driving test)


EVNT3G Phase2 Transmission Project( TSSR report)


Vietnam Wireless and Microwave Frame  Subcontract 2010-2011 ( Alarm box hardware Installation)


3. The repairing telecommunication equipment service
At present, the repairing sector is directly under the telecommunication technology center, with the latest equipment and modern meters, especially the input source components are directly from the major vendors, we always ensure the ability to fix the cards and modules of telecommunication equipment.
Shor reparing time and high quality is our commitment to the customers. Currently, CT-IN is trusted and delegated by Siemens in repairing all equipment and transmission modules in Vietnam.
Description of Service:
Receiving equipment and evaluating the problems
Repairing and testing
Handing over to customers
Typical projects:
The usual repaired module and card

Exchange equipment (SDE, Linea-UT, Hicom, NEC)
Microwave equipment: DM1000, CTR210, SIS, AWA, DXR-100, Mini-Link, Pasolink ...
Optical transmission equipment: FLX150/600, TN-1X/1C, they SIEMENS equipment, MARCONI, Cisco, Alcatel …
The module system and other powers.

4. Measuring Service ( đo dịch vụ)
CT-IN Company provides customers with the services of measuring equipment, transmission and the parameters of the network during the process of preparing and implementing the project, and maintaining important information for rescueing, especially the service of measuring the network’s quality.

 With a specialized measuring system and experienced engineers, we guarantee to give the best services to customers.

Description of  Service:
Collecting customers’ requirements
Making the plan for measuring

Handing over results to the customers and giving advice
Typical projects:
Measuring the synchronous telecommunication networks, measuring  the quality of the mobile communication networks which have been operated by Vinaphone, Mobifone, EVN Telecom, Vietnamobile..
5. Optimizing telecommunication network service
Description of Service:
Optimizing radio network for 2G, 3G mobile networks
Measuring network’s quality
Analyzing problems and giving solutions
Optimizing network

The typical Projects:
Optimizing Radio Network for Mobifone in Quang Nam province in 180 BTS
Optimizing 3G Radio Network for Mobifone’s 3G VMS/NSN phase 2 project

6. Training and technology transfering
As one of the company specializing in providing leading solutions and telecommunication services, we always would like to transfer the best and latest solutions and services to customers.
With skilled technical staff, who have suffered deep training courses, and modern lab’s, CTIN is willing to provide training and technology transfering to customers.

Description of Service:
Training according to customers’ demand: new technologies, services, network’s operation and maintenance

Cooperating with foreign partners to train and held examination for issuing certificates