Unified Communications

Unified Communications

In term of the telecommunications industry particularly and information technology in generally, Unified Communications or UC is referred to the unified environment for connecting and coordinating interaction. Unification can be assessed in two aspects, either related to the unification of communications technologies on a common base, or merged features and solutions for interactions between individuals and departments within a enterprise or an organization.

Joint Stock Company for Telecoms and Informatics (CT-IN) provides unified communications solutions offer by several well-known vendor such as: Cisco, Polycom .... UC solutions have the ability to unify voice, data, and the mobile applications on fixed and mobile networks, IP networks so that users can communicate easily in any workspace and by any media or any operating system. Besides, the construction of a unified base helps users instead of using a communication with a separate device, can use all the functions: telephone, video conferencing, email, fax, voicemail ... on a single screen, with a unique device.

The Unified Communications solution that provided by CT-IN:

  • Telepresence Solution
  • Video Conference Solution
  • VoIP Solution
  • Meeting Place Solution
  • IP Contact Center Solution
  • Web, Chat, Email Solutions

The project has developed:

  • Telepresence Solutions: for VTN, The Government Office ...
  • Video Conference Solution: for Post and Telecommunications Institute of Technology, Binh Dinh Telecom ...
  • VoIP Solutions: for Indochina Telecom JSC (Indotel)
  • Meeting Place Solution
  • IP Contact Center Solution: for Saigon Telecom
  • Web, chat, email ... for Vinaphone

Target customers: the solution offered by CT-IN is suitable for all customers with the difference of implementation model.